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    5 Simple & Cozy Throw Blankets from Amazon

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    All you need is a shelf full books, a mug full of coffee, and a really cozy throw.

    As the colder seasons are approaching, we shall start preparing for the warm cozy nights, either spent inside or outside. One item that is mandatory to own in order to feel the coziness of the colder seasons is obviously a throw. Today, I gathered for you about 5 blankies from Amazon, and specifically from Amazon brands that I found on the site. I tried to find highly rated ones, and I would love to share them with you on here.

    Rivet Modern Diamond Pattern Fringe Throw Blanket

    There are many places around the house where you can drape your throws: sofas, chairs, beds, benches, stools, and baskets. This diamond pattern fringe throw is simple, yet contemporary. It is easily matched to many areas in your home. Available in Grey

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